I write this not as a Democrat or a Republican (as I have identified strongly with both parties, at different times in my life).

The misinformation being spread by BOTH sides of the fence is beyond frustrating. While many sit back, share baseless memes, and sling mud across party lines, kids are suffering. My job as an attorney ad litem is to advocate for the best interests of children, and it’s wrecking me that innocent kids are taking the brunt of this political war. I attend conferences multiple times a year and learn about child development, trauma, etc., and research shows time and time again that this is going to have a serious lasting effect on these kids for the rest of their lives, manifesting in many detrimental ways.

The laws that allow for family separation to happen are not new. The policy that enforces those laws in this way, resulting in so many separations, is new. Law and policy, they are different. The law says that you can arrest someone for committing a misdemeanor, such as certain levels of speeding. It is commonly police departments’ policy not to arrest someone when they are only charged with speeding. Law and policy. Different.

If the Trump administration is going to continue to enforce their zero-tolerance policy, the laws need to be changed. Fast. Can the Trump administration call off enforcing the policy in this way at any moment? Yes.

The enforcement of this policy is shining a light on the flaws of our current laws. It sure is. Point proven. All at the expense of innocent children, many of whom are fleeing from horrors many Americans are lucky enough to not even be able to imagine.

Having compassion for these children and families doesn’t mean you don’t think we have a serious complex immigration issue. It doesn’t mean you think we should let everyone into America with a wide-open border. It doesn’t mean you think that it’s not a problem or a crime to enter America illegally. It just means that maybe you agree we should work a little harder to find a better solution, one where the welfare and future of this planet’s next generation aren’t being used as a pawn in a political debate.


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