Document with In Arkansas, what many people refer to as expunging, or getting an expungement, is legally called “sealing.”  This process results in sealing criminal records so that they will be hidden from a standard background check. 

What misdemeanors are eligible to be sealed?

All misdemeanors are eligible to be sealed in Arkansas, with a few exceptions for those with a commercial driver’s license (CDL). 

When can I seal my misdemeanor?

The vast majority of misdemeanors are eligible to be sealed 60 days after the completion of one’s sentence.  This includes paying all of your fines, court costs, serving jail time, or serving out the length of a suspended sentence.  However, some misdemeanors cannot be sealed for 5 years after the completion of a sentence.  These include: DWI, negligent homicide, battery 3rd degree, indecent exposure, public sexual indecency, sexual assault 4th degree, and domestic battery 3rd degree. 

What if my misdemeanor was nolle prossed, dismissed, or taken under advisement?

If you were arrested on misdemeanor charges that were later nolle prossed, dismissed, or taken under advisement, a background check may still reveal your arrest.  Even though there won’t be a conviction on your record, many people still desire to seal the arrest record so that nothing pop-ups on a background check.

Can I afford to seal my records?

Yes!  There is no longer a filing fee to file Petitions to Seal.  We charge a reasonable legal fee. Making a small investment now can pay off in the future by expanding your job and housing opportunities. If you have any questions about sealing your criminal records, or want to get the process started call The Hudson Law Firm, PLLC today at (479) 443-1812